We have 2 Truck Loading and Off Loading entrances and 1 Office entrance.

(251) 649-1960

Office Address
9300 Wulff Rd S, Semmes, AL 36575

North Side Entrance for Trucks
9380 Nursery Road, Semmes, AL 36575

South Side Entrance for Trucks
9585 Wulff Rd S, Semmes, AL 36575

Truck entrance on Nursery rd. & Wulff rd. . It is on Wulff rd. right across from Grimm’s rd., and 2 blocks to north at that intersection. Also from Nursery rd. across from Wulff rd. east,  2 blocks to south.

Tom Dodd Nurseries, Inc. Toll Free: 1-888-866-3633 Direct: 1-251-649-1960 Fax: 1-251-649-1965
Load and Delivery Address
South 9585 Wulff Rd S, Semmes Al 36575
North 9301 Nursery Rd, Semmes AL 36575